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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Living is Killing me

Stand still.  Stand completely still.  Close your eyes.  Shut out all lights and sounds.  Disappear into the pulsing darkness.  There is a nothingness if you can find it.  Settle into the void like a comfortable easy chair.  Stay there.  Then open your eyes and let all the sights and sounds explode your consciousness.  You escaped reality but time crept forward.  Time is uniquely yours. Discard the seconds and minutes that drive your existence.  This is not time.  This is a way to measure the past.  

Once alive, every moment brings us closer to our death. This is the fact of all life we know.  We hide from it, we fear it we welcome it we cause it but it will  come to everything eventually.  We fool ourselves by not knowing when it will be.  We fool ourselves that we can escape it.  We fool ourselves by dreaming of the next life.  We know of life because we are special.  We know we are alive and are tortured by the idea of not being alive.  

Almost cruelly, life passes faster when we are enjoying it.  When we have fun.  When we laugh.  When we love.  Time moves faster.  When we stop feeling the fear of living, life passes by faster.  We hurl ourselves further towards the end of life merely by enjoying it.  Joy is death.

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alienbody said...

Um...what's up with the bleakness? You need a vacation!