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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stopping Time

I feel my jaws clench.  Blackness creeps in around my vision circling the images my eyes see.  My breath get shorter and deliberate.  Dark colors swirl in my head as a squeeze my eyes close.  Claws rip through the colors shredding the imagery.  My fingers curl into a ball.  My fists shake.  My heart races faster.  The acid in my stomach  rises.  My senses are narrowed. My thoughts are irrational.  I lack control.  I see fear.  I feed on fear.  I struggle the urge to attack.   There are no boundaries.  I feel elevated.  I am above the control of life.  I am life.  I control life.  

Color ebbs back into my vision.  Black dissolves into green and blues and yellows.  My teeth are sore.  My hands slowly unfurl, difficult to fully extend.  The blood coursing through my veins slows.  My I hear less. I smell less. I see more.  

An hour passed,  60 minutes.  3600 seconds.  

I stopped time.  

1 comment:

alienbody said...

Oh for goodness sake, it was just a football game! ;-)