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Friday, November 23, 2012

Footprints In The Sand

The shore is the same today.  The same as yesterday and the same as tomorrow.  The waves crash onto the beach.  They crashed yesterday.  They will crash tomorrow.  The wind blows in my face. My toes sink into the sand.  The beach pushed back at you.  No matter how much you lean forward, forging through to tomorrow, the beach pushes back.

I keep my distance form the water.  The ocean will swallow you.  You are drift wood.  The water draws you in and pulls you away.  The water beckons you.  It is calm and inviting.  The water is fun.  Just splash in my waves it calls.  Just a little further.  Dip your toes.  Come play with me.  I can take you anywhere in the world you want to go.  You can be free with me.  I am the universe.

The sand dunes hide the treasures of tomorrow.  Just a little climb and you can see the future.  We are not in your way.  We are your path.  Just press your heel into the warm sand.  Place your hands deep into the granules.  Feels us roll across your hands.  The sand of the hourglass covers your arms. You sink into the dunes as the future draws you in.  You can close your eyes.  Feel yourself pulled into time.

Time dissolves everything.  Time dissolves itself.  Time does not exist.  You do not exist.  I do not exist.

I look behind me but I can't see anything.  Each step forward, my footprints disappear behind me.

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