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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Reading: Diary of Anne Frank

Finished Diary of Anne Frank. Never read it as a youth. Seaside High was not known for exceptional education and certainly never imposed upon me to read meaningful books or classic literature. Only peripherally aware of Anne Frank's story, I anticipated a dry and slow read of the miserable life in hiding from the Nazis.  Oh so wrong was I. A moving book of the psyche of a 12 yr old girl and the inner turmoil that transcends time.  Life in captivity was made slightly bearable by the kindness and fundamental good in people sheltering them. I hope it will help me better understand my 12 yr old.  While at the final few diary entires, Melissa shares with me the end.  Gah! She didn't know how blissfully unaware I was. It didn't spoil it, just changed my anticipation of the last entires.  Do read this book. Do!

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