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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Phoebe Pry

Last night, while drinking my simcoe and cascade hopped IPA, I came up with the name Phoebe Pry for my homebrew beers.  I immediately renamed the Blur clone I was drinking to Phoebe Pry IPA.  Here to forthwith I will refer to my beers with the Phoebe Pry name.  My brewery name is still Jomebrew.  The beers will be Phoebe Pry beers.  Thus, I currently have:

Phoebe Pry Brown Eyes Ale
Not so Phoebe Pry Blonde Ale
Phoebe Pry American Brown
Phoebe Pry Double IPA

Next up is Phoebe Pry Heather Spiced Scottish Ale

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