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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Adding Non market Place Apps to my Motorola Droid (android)

Update 12/31/2010.  It is even easier...

On the phone, Allow non-market applications.  Go to Settings, Applications and allow Unknown Sources (non-market apps)
Email the APK file to yourself.  install the APK file directly from email.


Uninstall is done through Settings/Applications.


No pictures this time...

I wanted to add a The Brewing Network ( live streaming application taht is not in the Market Place yet.  I poked around the interwebz a bit and eventually collected enough information to install non-market place applications.   Below is a simple set of procedures that worked for me.

How I installed it on my Droid (same as G1 I am told).

On the phone, Allow non-market applications.  Go to Setting, Applications and allow Unknown Sources (non-market apps)
In the Market, search for and install Astro File Manager (it is free).
Connect the Droid to the PC or remove the SD cards and connect it to the PC.  This procedure assumes you connected the phone top the PC (using the standard USB cable that came with and powers the phone).
Once connected to the PC, the phone will play a jingle.  Select the top Notification bar and click USB Connected.  Then click Mount to mount as a USB drive.  From here, you need to already know how to access the USB drive.
Copy the apk file (the Brewing Network Streaming file is here: to the flash drive.  I created a directory named apps and put the apk file there.
Turn off USB Storage on the Droid.  Click the Notification bar again and click Turn Off USB storage.  Then Click Turn off.  It will plan another jingle.
Now, on the Droid, open Astro and navigate to the apk file you just copied
Click the App (The Brewing Network in this case)
Select Open App Manager
Click Install
Click Install again

You can now start the new application.  Mine went like this...
Click Open
Click Start Streaming

The Application will be in your main full menu list.  You can copy it to one of your quick menus of you desire.

Good Luck!

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