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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Atypical Cells

So, the title does not truly mean cancer but is often a precursor and cancer cells are atypical before mutating. Anyway, I read this last week and found it interesting.  While interesting, it is not what I am thinking.  

As I get older, the more I face this disease around me.  Sometimes I feel it is a concentric circle with me in the middle.  Atypical cells are in orbit around me and it is just a matter of time before that streak across my atmospheric barrier and crash land onto me.  Maybe those little dots I see out of the corner of my eye are not just dots.  You know those you start seeing more and more as you get older.  Now that I am over 40, they seem to happen much more frequently like when I bed over to put on my shoes and stand up.  Yes, those!

The older I get the more my personal defense radius declines.  The relentless atypical drones get closer and closer.  More and more breach the defenses.   More and more the chances they will survive the assault and take root.  I don't really worry about it.  I can't.  I can't live in constant fear of something I can not likely change. Still, I can't help wondering if I am the next target or if they will latch onto someone else in the comets tail.

I just hope that if I am ever afflicted with this disease that the doctors will have a better understanding of all out assaults against cancer in adults.  And that they are willing and ready to launch it against whatever flavor of the disease I had.

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