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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The right manties

Recently I posted a message (below) to my local Geocaching forums. It is all in good fun but really asks an important questions. Why are most guys so out of tune with their underwear? I simply grab the top pair from my drawer in a dark room before the sun rises. There is no thought to style, comfort, color or pattern, nothing! Heck, I don't always pick up my own skivvies. My wife might grab some while at Target or Sears. Sure, I have a basic style I like to wear, but that is simply an assumed style choice. Do they really enhance my midline? Are my abs as ripped as the guy in the picture now that I am wearing these black, sporty manties? Should I be low profile? Diamond cut? Do I need the control top? These are just too hard for me to answer. My wife is helpful and all, but lets face it. We just are not as truthful and forthright when it comes critiquing our loved ones. We tend to err on the side of sensitive caution and consideration for their emotional well being.

I have a real need here though. As you read through my post, you will see that this is an important issue that needs to be solved. Actually, I am surprised that no presidential candidate has taken up this issue. I think that is an issue on the minds of most Americans and the presidential platforms should be addressing this. Global attention to this issue will certainly stimulate the economy even if it provides growth to just a targeted sector. Maybe the slogan can be something like; Mens intimate apparel... Stimulation and Growth!

oooOOO Post OOOooo

I have found, much to my dismay, that my underwear are good for about ten miles of hiking. Maybe nine and sometimes eight. While this would normally be just fine, I have been consistently exceeding the number of comfortable miles my underwear can provide. While openly discussing this in a public forum is somewhat uncomfortable, this is nowhere near as uncomfortable as when you are ten miles into a twelve mile hike and your skivvies gave their last bit of useful day life a couple miles ago.

I recall grand advertisements of women’s undergarments boasting of eighteen hours of uncompromised comfort. As appealing as it is to have a manssier providing comfort and support for my moobs, I really need to find that perfect pair of manties that provide long lasting comfort and can withstand the rigors of a 12 mile hike. I know some of you endurance minded folks have certainly solved this sensitive issue. I cannot be the first to experience the horrors of chaffing or to entertain those behind you with the squatting sideways stride or ever so bold "two handed rearrange".

I know this is not isolated to just us card carrying rawhide guys. Women too must have their own similar issue. Unlike most guys, women give a lot more thought to their undergarments and have many resources to guide them through the best choices for various circumstances. I'm here calling out to both genders for their insightful experience and guidance. Please, feel free to post links to specific recommendations. Oh, I will not be going Chicago-Style, so let’s not post links for that.


alienbody said...

I'll show you mine if you show me yours......giggle wink, wink

Anonymous said...

Unlike the previous commentator I'll comment constructively.
I find the hi-cut manties very comfortable and fit well over trousers and shorts. The support really does help - been through most male underwear- and these are the best I've found. The thing to watch with the plain briefs is the cut of your trousers 'hip fitting styles' just don't work together!