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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Followup to my mantie experience

February 9, 2008 - I am very happy to report that I completed a 13 mile hike today. That alone makes me happy. Not finishing would have meant something most unpleasant. Unfortunately my mail order workman's kilt had not arrived by the time we left, but I did don my new fancy pants. More specifically, fancy underpants. When I say fancy, I mean expensive in term of underpants that usually come in bulk for 10 bucks a pack.

In addition to the slimming effect of the control top, the cotton free, spandex, lycra "would normally be womens panties if not for the special access panel and boxer like appearance" manties performed admirably. No signs of chaffing or any other unpleasant experience did I have. I highly recommend this hip hugging intimate apparel item to all the guys out there!

Run, don't walk to the nearest REI and get you a pair of these beauties!

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