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Friday, December 21, 2007


This is something we all know about. I am pretty sure everyone has done it. Probably more than once. Hopefully more than once! The kiss is a simple act but has very powerful effects. The anticipation of the first kiss causes a lot of fear, anxiety, anticipation and excitement. Some of us (women) fantasize a lot about the first kiss. We (men) usually know this which, of course, puts a lot of pressure on us because, for some reason, we are responsible for the first kiss. Luckily, even a fumbled first kiss doesn't usually condemn a relation ship.

When we first start a relationship, we kiss a lot. Often because kissing grounds the lay work for the future. The kissing is passionate and frequent. Its good. real good. As the relationship blossoms, the kissing peaks. Eventually, the kissing is less frequent less passionate. That is a shame, but I think it is part of the natural progression of a relationship. I am not kidding myself. I know only three people ever read this. On the odd chance some random guys happen to land on this blog, this is for you.

Women have a different feeling about kissing than we do. Sure we like it. We like it a lot, but we don't need it. Being simple beings, we can go from hello to sex in a couple minutes. That just is not how women work. I know, I tried! So guys, go back to kissing. Kiss in the morning, kiss at night, kiss even if you are in the middle of a fight (how poetic). Even small kisses are good. A kiss on the cheek, forehead, nose even the lips. Just give the woman in your life a kiss. Every now and then sneak in a BIG kiss. In the kitchen, against the washing machine or in the drive way. Lovemaking should always begin with kissing.

Kissing keeps the passion and excitement alive in a relationship. There is almost no bad time or bad place for a kiss, almost. Starting a few months ago, I started thinking about this everyday. I have to kiss more than three times before going to sleep. I like seven, but there really is no limit. We do not argue much. Especially if my wife ignores my ceaseless nonsense. When we do, I have a rule we have to still kiss. I think this should be a rule for everyone! Kissing is a great way to diffuse a situation. Especially since there are very few arguments that are really about something important.

Lets us not forget that even when sending instant messages, you should send kisses every now and then. In yahoo IM, the ':*' send kisses. Just make sure you are sending them to the woman in you life. It is embarrassing to send them to colleagues!

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