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Monday, October 27, 2014

Reading is Fundamental

I started reading a book and thought it was uninteresting.  I kept reading it and thought it was crap.  Out of morbid curiosity, I kept reading it waiting for something interesting. I never got it.  I finished the book. Still think it was stupid and dull. I read it while sitting on the toilet so I was a captive audience. This book should be burned.  Not because of the content.  Well yeah, because of the content because it sucked. To me. Which is all that matters when reading a book. The Society of Others.   

I am reading a second book at the same time.  This is an EBook on my Nook. I don't read it on the can but instead of watching TV which I like. A book I read while reading another book I don't like, I should like. Especially if I am reading it instead of doing something else I like such as watching TV shows that I like to watch. I like this book but it started to become annoying, list this post. Ever read a book that actually annoyed you?  The author actually wrote dumbassedshit that is utterly unbelievable in a pseudo realistic mystery that annoyed me and caused me to say out loud what a dipshit he is.  The book is OK but better stop pissing me off or I am only giving it 2.5 stars on Amazon.  

Death Row:  A Cliff Knowles Mystery.  So, I sort of know the author of the second book which has skewed my imagination of the protagonist who I imagine is the guy I know.  The author, in this third book, has set about a more detailed description of the main protagonist.  Which is nothing like the author and this is causing some confusion while I am reading it.  But that is not what is annoying me.  It is other stuff. His formula is too formulaic for his own formula.  The dialog can be awkward and the though process, of the very smart protagonist, becomes moronic and I can't make that leap.

I recently finished three or four books about Mount Everest summits and catastrophes.  I was totally immersed on the stories and though I knew the ending I anxiously read on with anxiousness and anxiety.  What an exhilarating experience reading these books.  Then I watched the IMAX movie of Everest and could see the, with the full splendor, the mountain and trail and seemingly insurmountable path to summit, then return safely to camp. 

As I read through these books, some I love, some I don't like, some that piss me off and some that bring tears to my eyes I think about how awesome reading is.  Books can invoke the full range of emotion.  You get to visualize an entire world.  

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