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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Wife Is Cheating On Me!

The shock! The horror! It is unimaginable but true. You think you know someone but I believe you never really know them. They keep much more to themselves that you know. Time does not change that. Time does help you anticipate with reasonable, accuracy, what someone will say or how they will react, but time does not open the doors to the hidden secrets. I think time makes better locks. An evolution of hidden secrets security!

Last night someone came to the door. That is not uncommon. My wife answered the door. I heard something a little odd, so I extracted myself from behind the computer and went to see who was there. As I rounded the corner to the hallway entrance asking who was at the door, I saw my wife, arms and legs around some man at the door. I advised them that I thought was a little inappropriate and to please separate. I should have expected no good would come from her trip to Vegas! Oh wait, that was a commercial I saw last night!

The real cheating is her pouring her thoughts and soul to some unknown forum. I know about and read her "normal" blog. That is how I learn most of what she is thinking or feeling. Sometimes the conduit opens and stuff just pours out. Stuff she would never tell me. Why? I don't know but I am sure he will say because I don't want to hear it. Not entirely true I admit I have a short attention span for feeling stuff. Anyhoo, her fingers were ablaze on the keyboard last night. She had to be blogging. So, I ask if she was blogging since I have a knack for the obvious and like to prove it to myself often.

My wife IS blogging, sort of she says. Okay, where? She won't say. It is somewhere else! I am shocked. No, really. It was like she just slammed a door in my face. What is she hiding behind THAT door. I seriously doubt she is hiding something insidious, shocking or a violation of my strong moral beliefs. But she is hiding something! I could easily find the key to this secret door. But I won't. You erect a wall to keep stuff in and keep stuff out. The door she opened is like the 1920's speakeasy door. A little slot to see who is there and choose who you let in. I poked my nose into the opening and it was snapped shut. This actually bummed me out and altered my mood. I was not in the mood after that. That is odd all by itself and the subject of a future bit of blathering.

Modern technology. New age cheating. toss me nibble but put the steak somewhere I can't see it. Mmmmm steak. I think I want ribs for dinner tonight.


alienbody said...

Cheating? Moi? Well, swap-botting maybe...but never cheating. (wink,wink)

William Loyd said...

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Jomebrew said...

I know that was a spam comment. The cheating is metaphorical to say rather than pouring the same thoughts and ideas with the author, the wife "cheated" on him by writing articles to the blog site.

The author is suggesting by sharing to a blogging site and an unknown audience, he is being cheated of those intimate conversations.

The author suggests to the reader a stronger relationship and tighter bonds come from open communications and sharing those thoughts that are troubling you as well as bringing joy with your partner before you display them for the random internet user to find.