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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Embracing Nature

It might seem like I act too kid like.  I do immature things.  I take stupid chances.  It is true.  I am all that though I can't be "too kid like" enough.  Too many adults have forgotten how to embrace the joys and wonders of childhood.  They think of all the reasons not to explore nature.  Whether that is sliding around polished wood floors in socks or wandering through the woods searching for and exploring history or like me, I see something and wonder what it is and find a way to see it.

Many people travel the world and explore what man has built.  I would love to do that more too.  But I love to explore what nature built.  I love to see the awe and grandeur of nature.  When we explore places man made, we are usually wondering how they did it.  I am so intrigued by the engineering and construction.  I am awed by their accomplishments considering the tools at their disposal.  I think of the term "nature finds a way" and find meaning in how man can make wondrous buildings or pyramids or churches or murals on ceilings.  

Nature finds a way for the wondrous creations to be freed from the imagination.  Nature finds a way for that song or that story to be freed from your imagination.  It takes patience for nature to help us find a way but it finds a way.  At some point, we stop exploring like a child.  We stop wondering for ourselves and start accepting what other tell us.  We often say we need to think outside the box but we really need to be thinking outside.

I can't see myself ever changing.  The older I get the more I want to be out of the box.  The more I want to be out.  I need to see the danger for myself or make a little danger.  Exploring new and old trails.  What was left behind in those hills?  Every rock wall and every brick foundation is interesting to me.  So what if I can't get there on a designated trail?  I'll get scratches, cuts, occasional ticks, lots of bumps a few bruises.  that is OK.

Nature finds a way for all life to create and grow.  Nature also cleans up after us and though it is slow, covers our blight and our treasures.  For me, it is not that my destination ended up being nothing, blight or a treasure.  For me, it is about the journey and child like wonder to explore and not caring about the destination.  Life is about the journey.  That is my meaning of life. What did I learn today?  What did I do that I have been conditioned not to? What did I teach?  I  think it is about what meaning did I give to life !

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