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Friday, May 16, 2014

Our New Engineerling

Recently, my son started working as a contract junior engineer at the company I work for.  He returned to work for us after doing a special job a couple years ago when he was 16.  He is a extraordinarily bright kid and has a knack for picking up new technologies.

Mostly, he is doing the time consuming tasks that need to be done in the lab but does not take a lot of training or experience.  Cleaning out the dozens of servers from the lab that need sanitizing before we recycle them.  Installing VMWare on servers around the world using remote access or remote console tools.  The real painful task of updating BIOS and firmware on blade servers.  Cleaning truckloads of dust from servers.  Filling out purchase orders.  And other glamorous tasks.  

I try to get him exposure to  everything I work with.  I touch a wide variety of technologies such as SAN and NAS storage, hardware architectures for service delivery, operating systems, security appliances and firewalls, routers, Ethernet switches, VLAN and WAN technologies and other exciting things that plug in or run on things that plug in.

One recent day I was discussing the boy with my peer and rather than call him a Junior Engineer, I came up with the title, Engineerling.  We has a roaring good time with the title and to make it official, told him to put it in his email signature.  I had never heard the term before though I am sure it has been used before and possibly even as a job title.  I don't know.

I look forward to him coming into work every afternoon after school.  It will be sad when he moves on to go to college.

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