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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Walk

He doesn’t like this time of year.  With the time change last weekend, it gets dark at 5:30 PM and by 6:00 PM, it is DARK.   He likes his evening walks.  During daylight savings time, the neighbors are out, kids are playing.  He usually stops and chats with neighbors.  Sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours.  The neighborhood kids like to talk to him.  He always likes to kneel to their level and talk to them.  Most of the adults are a little impatient with the little kids but he just likes to let them talk.  They have so much to say  They are really expressive.  It is one of the joys of his evening walks when the sun is still out.

The weather is a little chillier now.  Once the sun is down, it cools off down to the low 60’s or high 50’s.  This evening it was about 60.  Cool not cold.  His normal walk takes him a couple blocks to the corner where he turns and heads into the towards the elementary school.  A woman was walking her dog across the street heading along his path.  This is a dark area.  He imagined how she might be a little nervous that a man is approaching from behind in the dark.  He thought how much it sucks that it is suddenly dark and people are nervous about a normal evening walk.  He whistled under his breath and hummed to himself to put the woman at ease.  He passed the woman a few moments later, cheerfully greeting her.  She returned his cheerful greeting with her own.  He glanced at her figure.  One advantage of the dark he thought.  The other is that he looks better in the dark too.

He approached the corner of the school ground.  He thought of how the kids are practicing soccer. Well, most of the kids are usually like a swarm of bees chasing a soccer ball around while the others are spinning in circles and looking at daisies.  He thought of his kids at that age.  It really was not that long ago but it feels like it was.  Tonight, no kids.  Just a dark, invisible field.  No blacktop, no tetherball, no kids.  Just dark.  

Along side the kindergarteners playground is a small planter area.   He could see some young men hanging out, leaning against the fence, standing among the plants.   It looks like they are drinking beers in the half dark.  He neared the young men and could see they were late teens or early 20’s.  He was a little unnerved approaching.  He took out his phone and punched in 911.  As he approached the men he called out to them to clear out and go home.  This is a school, and they need to go drink somewhere else.  He stopped about 20’ away.  The young men started getting threatening.  

“Fuck you man.  We’ll kick your ass motherfucker”.  

“Alright boys.  Let’s just break it up and go home”.  

“Fuck you bitch.  I’ll fuck you up old man”.  

He hit the send button and called 911.   “Emergency dispatch.  What is your emergency?”.  “I have four young men who are drinking beer at the elementary school and are threatening to fuck me up”.  “Sir, please leave the area.  I have dispatched the police to your location.”. “Thanks. I think you are going to need an ambulance for two of them.” he said loud enough for everyone to hear.  

“Yeah right mother fucker, we’ll see who needs an ambulance.”.  

“Hold on a minute,  I need to put the phone down.”.

The first man lunged at him and grazed the side of his shoulder with his fist.   He pushed the fist past him and punched the man in his exposed ribs.  Then punched again and again. The ribs crunched and cracked.  The man screamed in pain.  He grabbed the man’s head and slammed it into his knee smashing the man’s nose instantly.  The man howled in pain as blood gushed from his face.  He pushed the man down to the ground.  The man stayed there moaning in pain, his hands covering his face as blood seeped between his fingers.

A second man whipped out a knife.  “I’m going to cut you up motherfucker!”.  He jumped back as the man slashed at him, clumsily with the knife.  He watched the young man. He could see he was unsure how to use the knife.  The man whipped the knife around awkwardly.  He watched the knife move and just as the man started towards him, he grabbed the man’s hand and twisted him around and holding the knife against the mans chest.  He whispered into the man’s ear “You’re going to feel the point against your chest.  You are going to feel it pierce your skin.  You are going to feel the tip enter between your ribs.  The pain will rush through your chest.  The burn will radiate between your ribs.  The blade with press against your heart, slowly slicing through the muscle.  The blood pressure will rupture the opening and blood will be pushed out of your heart filling your chest cavity.  Then, you’re dead!”.

He pushed the the man’s hand lower.  Scraping the knife down the man’s torso.  He forced the mans hand with the stronger grip holding the knife against the man’s gut.  “Maybe I’ll slice up your intestines and mince your colon.  You can get your ass raped in prison while shitting in bag.  Maybe you will get out some day and get to carry your shit bag around the rest of your miserable life.”.

He pushed the man’s hand down to his groin.  “Maybe I’ll slice off your dick and balls.  That will be a great way to spend the rest of your life. A dickless bitch.”.  The man was shaking and in tears.  His hand trembling desperately trying to release the knife.  He pushed the knife onto the man’s groin.  The man howled.  Then, he pulled his hand back and bashed the man in the face with the back of the knife.  A third man lurched at them.  He let go of the man’s hand.  The hand flung forward stabbing the third man in the throat.  They both fell to the ground just as the police arrived.  He stepped back as the officers rushed in.

He pulled the cell phone from his pocket and held it to his mouth “I hope you called that ambulance”.  

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