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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A simple trip to Chipotle

"Hi, are you a Jew Dyke?"
"Huh? Excuse me?"
"W.h.a.t  w.o.u.l.d.  l.i.k.e.?"

"Oh, A chicken burrito."
"We like your eyes?"
"W.h.i.t.e  o.r.  b.r.o.w.n.  r.i.c.e.?"
"Oh, white please"

"Can I see your feet?"
"W.h.a.t.  k.i.n.d.. o.f. m.e.a.t.?"
"Sorry, Chicken please."

"Wood made of balsa."
"Excuse me?"
"W.h.a.t.  k.i.n.d.  o.f. s.a.l.s.a.?"
"Pico de gallo, and the top two"
"What's new?"
"W.h.i.c.h.  s.a.l.s.a.?"
"T.h.e. T.o.p.  T.w.o." {Grunt} {point}{point}

"Our meals are very holy!"
"I. a.m. s.o.r.r.y. I c.a.n't. u.n.d.e.r.s.t.a.n.d. y.o.u."
"W.o.u.l.d.  y.o.u. l.i.k.e. g.u.a.c.a.m.o.l.e.?"
"No!" {shakes head}

{point at sour cream}
{shake my head}

"Can I have some lettuce please?"
{5 shreds of lettuce tosses on top}

"For here is to throw"
{wife} "To go"

"No, thanks."
{wife} "Yes"

"Your change..."
"Thank you"
"No, thank you"
{flirty laughs}

{wife} {Eye Roll}

This Chipotle has to have the worst acoustics of any.  Small, Cramped and Loud!

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