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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Props to folks from my time working at I. Magnin

I worked for I. Magnin from 1981 to 1992.  I would like to recognize a few of the folks who helped shape my life.

12/14/1981 - 2/86- Carmel
Carol Seres was one of the greatest, kindest people I ever encountered and I am forever a better person from her guidance. Not much more can be said.  Carol was and will always be one of the most important people in my life.

John Wraith was a kind and generous soul who mentored me and helped me grow.  John's strong spiritual believe never stuck with me but the ethic and drive to excel did.  I believe I did something great at the Stanford store and owe much of that success to you.

Mimi Burden, thank you for believing in my and giving me the chance to change the direction of my life.  I was forever changed!

Michiko Morris, I had such a memorable time working with you.  I have never had someone I enjoyed spending my workday with as much as you.  Bringing me lunch so often had nothing to do with it, I swear :)

Diane aka Lady Di,  I had such a crush on you.  We had iced tea in your garden. I was extremely shy and probably uttered nonsense the entire time. I have a permanent mental picture of that day.  It is a great memory.

Kelly Harris, thank you for recommending and vouching for me to start my career and setting my path to excel at every job and career I have had.   Lori was a beautiful part of my life I will never forget.

2/86 - 11/88 - Stanford
Myra Lessner made my life miserable in a good way.  I was shy and unable to communicate in groups and, well, with women. Myra's love for entertaining and skits helped me overcome some of it.

Stacy/Trixie, Christy??, Mar Mar, Marcia and the woman I remember so well but forget your name (from Carmel),  and the names I forget..  We had great time and I apologize for my dorky shyness.

My team, I forget so many names now but remember every face.  Two of my best folks I just can't remember their names but I can recall these Patricia, Pat, Michael.  It was a great time!

11/88 - 6/92 Help Desk/IT SF China Basin/Union Square
Fred Davis was a start influence on me.  Fred recognized my talent for technology and allowed me to grow.  I would have never met my lovely and talented wife if not for your trusting in me back in 1988.  I would have never spent the next 23 years in technology careers (I love and hate you sometimes :) ).  Of course you started me on a path to appreciate good wine too.

Brian Dowey changed my life in two ways.  He introduced me to craft beer and hockey.  I have forever since been a  fan of both and, of course, am now a amateur craft brewer myself.   Go Sharks!

There are many more who I remember for fond and great memories like the Mens Manger at Stanford.  We had some memorable laughs.  Manny from Women's Shoes.  Among the fun stories, we had some fun cars too :)  Kate from Carmel, you have always been just awesome to me.  My friends in SF.  So many friends.

And Fred, I was no Casanova but it felt kinda good having peeps thinking so.  Luckily, sending me to the Sherman Oaks store changed my life forever.  That was my one Casanova moment and I married that delightful woman and am thankful nearly every day :)

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