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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What to do today?

I wasted my first couple hours on the computer looking at Google +, Facebook and Twitter with a little youtube thrown in.  I wonder how folks like Steve Jobs start their Saturday. Are the uber successful lazy bums like me on a Saturday morning?  Does Jobs ponder his last obsessive design to be released, the Iphone 5?

To be fair to myself, I did get up at 7 AM and get showered and dressed for the day.  I listened to some Dr. Dre + Eminem + Skylar Grey (Damn she kicks ass) and pondered my last beer I brewed.  Monitoring the mash temp from the top I observed the temp drop a couple degrees early then much more rapidly in the last 15 minutes but the internal showed a pretty steady temp.  maybe 1 degree drop.

This made me ponder reality a bit.  If I had only looked at the surface temp I would have believed the entire mash temp had dropped 8F over the hour.  Had I only looked at the internal temp, I would believed the whole mash was a steady temp.  Two different realities I could argue as the whole story.

This made me think how simple we humans are.  As long as we have a shred of reality, we can assume and fully believe all of it is real and true.  Simple and so easily manipulated.  This made me think of 9/11 and the terrorists.  How easy were they manipulated?  How easy is it to manipulate those drawn to ground zero?

This made me think of something I remember the late Freddie Mercury one say.  It was something like this "The reason we're successful? My overall charisma, of course".  Charismatic people tend to attract followers.  I really liked Bill Clinton.  He was quite charismatic.  Looking back, I am not sure I would be so keen on everything he did.

After all this thinking, I did realize I need to add some dry hops to my happily, charismatic beer.  That is one thing to do today.  Another is to shop for a new BBQ.  Mine is 20 years old and is still working quite well but needs about $100 in repair.  Replace or repair is the question.  It is a Weber and is remarkably well constructed. If replaced, it will be with another Weber!

I think I will prepare another double espresso and watch some  US Open Tennis and think more about what else I can do today.

My thought at this moment "Smack that, all on the floor".

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