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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beers for Cheers fundraiser May 21, 2011

Here is a recap of the event we had to raise money for my daughters cheer leading team.

The event was a huge success and a great success for homebrewing.  I spent 4 hours pouring 6 homebrews.  Four of my own and two donated by a great friend and the person who I learned to brew from.   

I had planned to be mostly beer pouring labor but quickly found that folks had great interest beyond the basic beer drinking.  Folks were interested in each beer.  The aromas, layers of flavor.  They wanted to know about the ingredients and the process . There was always a crowd of both men and women .  It is always fun when the women, used to the disappointment of common light american lagers, sample the variety and find such goodness could be ad in craft beer.  

My time was half beer education, history and enlightenment of homebrewing and half tasting and experiencing the various different beers.  The folks who attended were really enthusiastic about the beers and amazed such high quality beer could be made at home.  I am chartered to brew for a couple summer parties already :)  

My friend donated an 11 month old Black IPA and a 9 month old Mild Brown.  They were perfect examples of how delightfully beer ages and good brewing practices and sanitation produced beers that is good to the last pint far into the future.  My beers were brewed between February and April giving a contrast of newer and fresher beers. They were all well consumed!

We raised about $550 for the cheer squad.  That is 1% of the goal.  Beers, Brats, Dogs and picnic fare at $10 / person was a good deal.  It was suggested by many that the finely crafted beers alone was worth double the price.  The folks really inflated my ego and certainly made me feel like a better brewers than I am.  

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