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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Recipe for Love

I got a recipe for love 'cuz me to honay... Opps, wrong subject..

The kids love lemonade. We do too. So today's journal is about making lemonade. This is my personal recipe for lemonade.

First, go to the lemon tree and start trimming away the excess growth. Pick up the good lemons that fall to the ground and set them aside. Clip off all the other good lemons and set them aside too. Keep going until yo have a pile of clippings and big pile of lemons. If you don't have a lemon tree, please come to my house for this step.

Now try to get you kids to help clean up and pick up the remaining lemons. First, ask nicely. Now hunt them down and threaten to take away xbox, TV, the phone, video games, sleep overs, etc. Now prod them with the dull end of the rake. next watch them move frustratingly slow. Listen to the melodious sound of their whining. Like a well orchestrated musical number. Song, acting, priceless!

Next wonder where they disappeared to. Forget it. Finish cleaning up yourself. Think happy thoughts.

Go find your juicer. The power ones are the best. Especially to get the kids to juice them! Now get a bucket and a pitcher or two.

Now wash the lemons if you are so inclined. This is not necessary but I'll toss it out there anyway.

Cut the lemons in half.

Place lemon on juicer and juice the heck out of it. Toss the rind in the bucket. Repeat until done.

Now for the recipe:

Simple Syrup.
1 1/4 cups of water
1 1/4 cups of sugar
Warm water, stir in sugar. Stir until it dissolves.

2 3/4 cups of fresh lemon juice. screen the pulp through a fine strainer.

5 cups of cold (filtered/drinking)water or tap water if yours is better than mine.

Mix simple syrup and lemon juice until will mixed. Add cold water. Mix some more.

Now add tiny bits of lemon juice or water to get the taste that is perfect for you.

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