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Friday, April 25, 2008

16 Candles

When I said "'Til death so us part", I did not know it was a sentence...

What makes a marriage work? Why do fools fall in love. What keeps a marriage together. How should I know? I don't, but then again, I do.

If you were to ask me why am I still married after 16 years I would have to say that it is because we want to be married. There really is no magic formula that I know of. I have some thoughts why I think I will be married until the end.

- We got to know each other before we started a relationship
- We lived together before we got married to see if we were even compatible
- We work though our differences and challenges
- I admit my weaknesses
- I am willing to be wrong even when I don't think I am wrong
- I say I am apologize for things I am not yet sorry for because I know eventually I will be
- I communicate via touch
- I always let her know I love her and care about her
This is just a small list that of a larger list that I can hardly put to words.

I really think that it is because we want to be. Our desire to be together is greater than the challenges we face being together. We are able to overcome the challenges because we do it together. If this falls on one persons shoulders, then then it will never last. It might be years, but I don't think it will last.

I'll never know if we really got it right, but everything seems perfect to me. For nearly a score, I think we got it right!

Happy Anniversary Mrs. 1omnipotent1

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alienbody said...

Yea, what you said! I second that. Happy Anniversary Mr. Alienbody! ;-)