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Monday, November 26, 2007

This week outdoors

I had some great hikes in Sierra Azul and Shannon open space preserve last week. There are so many great trails although there is a lot of uphill. It is always worth it to me though. The link to this post is for the Garmin motion based web site. You can upload your GPS logs and have the site analyze them for you. You can search for my history by searching for "jaiello". Go on... Do it. I am proud of my progress. Come join me!

I have been thinking about trying to summit Mt. Whitney. I mentioned this to my lovely and talented wife who suggested half dome first. What a great idea! I am not sure the best time for half dome. Luckily, we have a condo in Bass lake, so I can stay close by. A day of hiking half dome and a steak and salad for dinner! I game!

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